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In 2004 the group released its sophomore effort, House of Secrets.

Working with producer Dave Fortman (Evanescence, Mudvayne), Otep followed up three years later with The_Ascension and supported it on spring 2007 dates with Static-X.

Not a lot of bands use samples like this these days and if they do, it’s never quite to the extent or the strength that Otep have shown on this record.Their eighth live show ever was at 2001's Ozzfest, and Otep stepped back into the studio with Terry Date at the tail end of the year to record their full-length debut, Sevas Tra, which saw the light of day in the summer of 2002.That summer they again joined up with the Ozzfest tour, gaining a prime spot on the second stage.When I started, I was really one of the few front women in aggressive music - back then they called it nu metal or rapcore.I was the first woman to play Ozzfest and I was really one of the only women fronting a band of this sort of nature, this aggressively - it was really odd at times, because people had this certain idea of what women are supposed to be and how we’re supposed to act and what we’re supposed to say.

Who is otep shamaya dating