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Saturnine did indeed go back to re-live the night she her boyfriend walked out of her life for good.

Many times, but could she find the answers she was looking for?

SATURNINE, IN HER HEAD, OUT OF TIME by Ray Hecht may be a short tale, but it packs a punch for young woman living with regrets from the past and the boy she let get away. Hecht has created a complete and intriguing tale with just a few well- placed words.

Entertaining, thought-provoking and fun, I was left wondering what one thing in my life I would like a do-over on until I realized that, nope, I’m good and probably better off not going through my personal Ground Hog Day adventure!

Saturnine has that chance, thanks to a tech company that claims to take a person back in time to re-live any moment they want, but they do not guarantee you can change the events set in motion, after all, the past is in the past, it is written on the timeline of life, or can it be erased?Experts note that Internet networking, whether for romantic or business reasons, is most effective when combined with face-to-face contact.With sites like Zoosk and, which requires a university e-mail to register and already has 20 Northeastern students as members, college students are also turning to the Internet to find relationships.Under the proposed legislation: Currently there are no U. federal laws that enforce any of these proposals, but both Florida and Nevada have legal ramifications imposed upon sex offenders who use the Internet.Although the Senate is to debate the proposal soon, several issues have arisen - most notably one stated by Bill Ashworth, the Director of State Government Affairs at Yahoo!