Rss feeds not updating in ie8

When you use Windows Internet Explorer 7 or later and Microsoft Outlook 2010, you can view and maintain the same RSS Feeds subscriptions list in either program.

You do so by sharing one RSS Feeds subscription list via the Common Feed List in Microsoft Windows.

Hello MWJames, First of all thanks for replying to my post.

I have now uploaded a of a IE8 browser that is displaying the Changes link that you have mentioned on your above reply.

Now you can uncheck the item “Sync RSS Feeds to the Common Feed List”.Another way to add the RSS feed is to click on the RSS Feed button in Internet Explorer and then copy the address which is shown in the Address Bar.Then go to Outlook, right click on the RSS Feeds folder and choose Add New a RSS Feed…Regardless of the option you choose, you can change your choice later.Hello there, I’ve just noticed that the feed format is not working on Internet Explorer, even the “RSS feed example“ of this page is not working.

Rss feeds not updating in ie8