Junsu and taeyeon dating

LE is my EXID bias but I was just starting to fall in love with Hani! Hyukoh has revealed that they will be releasing an album in 2016. I think they will have a bigger impact than BTS and GFRIEND. WINNER's comeback has been heavily anticipated and is just around the corner. Everyone else will be able to buy tickets on January 17th.

Now that I have some love experience, I feel more mature about the songs I sing.I also came to realize the kind of amazing love our fans are giving us."5.Associate E of an idol group "Idols should alert their agencies""Honestly speaking, I didn't think the company could find a way to deny them dating. You might meet a girl or a boy and get to know them for a day or so and can easily be infatuated with their looks or personality for a while but that’s all it is, infatuation, not love. But you do confuse it with lust or just a mild infatuation.