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If you would like to see an example of a Bessemer converter, there is one dating back to 1865 in the museum in South Kensington.

Henry and Ann Bessemer were buried at the South Metropolitan (West Norwood) Cemetery.

Henry became very wealthy and was able to lease 40 acres of land stretching from Denmark Hill down to the railway. The house was on the site now occupied by Swinburne Court and the grounds included the land now occupied by Bessemer Grange School.

The design of the engine reciprocating components was unusual, with five compression rings and three oil scraper rings all mounted on the piston above the bossing of the piston pin.

The liners were wet type, with rubber seals at the top and bottom.

Rs 350 crore will be going in to Matrimony as primary offering and the rest will provide and exit for venture capital firm Bessermer Venture Partners, Janakiraman said.

Bessemer is looking to offload around 1.66 million shares.