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I heard this just the other day when I was speaking to a police officer that works in the school.“We don’t wear the uniform,” as she detailed how it helps to break down barriers with kids that are scared of police and in particular the uniform.Here is a list from the most to the least intimidating police & security forces in Quito:#1) Ecuadorian Secret Service (?)Even though I’m not sure of their official title, the police who guard the government buildings are the most intimidating.

The 1960s had been a turbulent decade in Menlo Park, a small city with wide suburban streets and manicured lawns just south of San Francisco.

The change of uniform from green shirts, dress pants and shoes was prompted by officers having difficulty carrying necessary equipment, police command said yesterday.

The new uniforms have been designed to provide better agility, mobility and comfort, Military Police Command Chief of Staff Major General Feng Yi (馮毅) said, adding that they are black to “intimidate wrongdoers.”The new uniforms are comprised of a cap, sunglasses, shirt, duty vest, utility belt, duty pants and field boots.

She said that Quito is much safer than it was five years ago.

There is some local controversy over investing money to increase tourism that gets poured back into increased funding for this department.#6) Quito Metropolitan Police You can recognize them because they are always wearing dark blue and they prominently display the nightstick.#7) Transit Police Don’t let the yellow vests confuse you with the Tourism Police.

Intimidating police uniforms